The facts

The Mumawho?

Hi I’m Helen, mummy to The Chops and wife of Dadius Prime, who affectionately nicknamed me ‘The Mumatron’.

We live in the beautiful county of Yorkshire, home to flat caps, whippets and tea (apparently). I love long walks in the Moors or at the Sculpture Park. There’s nothing like taking in the sea air in on the front at Scarborough. On Sunday mornings I delight in the peace of a usually buzzing Leeds before the shoppers arrive.

I’m an artist at heart and have always gravitated towards being able to create. In our house, I painted the pictures on my walls. In March 2014, I made the cake at our wedding and this year I’m putting my creativity into words and pictures on the web. I recently stopped working in search of happiness. Follow me as I try to say 'no' to the

When I’m not scrubbing poo out of things creating, or tidying up, cleaning and washing living the dream I’m probably exercising eating. I love to cook with Italian flavours and own far too many cook books for someone without the time or money to do them justice!

In February 2016 we welcomed The Chops (Hugo), he like mess, climbing, food and his dummy. He features in many of my posts and inspires many more.

This blog celebrates all things colourful about my life, that might be the colour of emotion, the landscape, the food on my plate or the clothes on my back. The brighter and bolder, the better.

So what about the shop?

In May this year I decided to leave my job in pursuit of happiness. I’m a firm believer in home grown and developed a lovely little kit designed to encourage children and adults to grow together. Check out the shop page for more information 😉.

Any Questions? Want to work with me?

I’d love to hear from you.

Helen x

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