A version of this post was first featured on the awesome The baby feeding series by Mimi Rose and Me.  My feeding story When I think about those early days it seems an age ago. Within minutes of getting into the room at the hospital, Chops was latched on. He was feeding well. I remember that overwhelming feeling of relief. There’s definitely a worry surrounding breast feeding. A lot of the conversations I had with my midwife ended with ‘If I can’. Both my sisters had decided to bottle feed I was determined not to. The first few hours went fine. He fed, slept, pooped then didRead More →

Times I feel like I'm Winning

I’m writing this one, mainly because there are so few times we feel like we’re winning at this parenting lark. There are times when the ‘fails’ outweigh the wins 10/1 so it’s good to remember the gold medal moments. I’ve made a list of some of the things that make me think I’m getting it right. Dinner gets eaten. Dinner always gets eaten…by me…and Daddy. For Chops however, dinner time can go either way. Sometimes he’s clearly got important cupboard emptying or bottle carrying to be doing – it’s not just sleep that’s for the weak. Last week I made fishcakes, green beans and newRead More →


No one talks about PUL Sometimes life throws you a curve ball. Perhaps you lose your job or your holiday gets cancelled. May be your wedding venue has double booked. All things that would impact your life in some way, negatively I would imagine. Luckily for me none of these things have happened. My wedding, in particular, was unbelievable. I got married at The Yorkshire Sculpture Park in West Bretton. Everything was so perfect, I  wouldn’t do a thing differently. It wasn’t long after the wedding that it became obvious that I wanted children. When I first knew I wanted a baby I knew littleRead More →

party bags for babies

What do you put in party bags for babies? When I realised I was going to be throwing a birthday party for a one year old I was clueless. A more stress inducing task I challenge you to find (OK it wasn’t that bad). I love that Chops has baby friends.  Encouraging his friendships is important to me so I decided to have a party for babies, family and friends. I found an excellent company in Wakefield that hire out soft play equipment (http://www.bouncebuddieswakefield.co.uk/). A local conservative club was free to hire and luckily I’m the go-to for birthday cakes in my family. Perfect. JungleRead More →

Games my one year old loves

Games my one year old loves My little Chops is a character, there’s no denying that. He’s a regular trickster who loves a giggle. Recently a love of a select few games has become apparent. If you have a curious one year old, perhaps you could try a couple of these. Tissue chew, 2 players. Equipment : tissues (used ones from down the back of the sofa work best) / napkins/ magazine/ paper of other immediate importance. Best played : At home although this is a portable game. Rules : The clue’s in the title really. The density of the paper is key with thisRead More →

Today you are one, Happy Birthday. It’s hard to believe a time existed when you weren’t here. Imagine a time when you weren’t gleefully trashing everything in sight. A time when the house was always clean, dinner was always home cooked and washing was done weekly rather than daily. We were a couple back then, now we’ve grown into a family. As your birthday approaches I’m blown away by how quickly days are passing. When we were bringing you home in the car, daddy had to stop so I could  sit in the back with you. For the first time I hadn’t been able to seeRead More →

What to buy for babies, mums and dads

What should you buy for baby? A version of this post first appeared on Meetothermums.com The amount of kit out there designed to help baby is excessive. All a baby really needs is food, shelter and love isn’t it? Yes. That’s all baby needs.  The kit is for parents. One of the most important things I’ve learnt since becoming a mummy is that most of it is expensive, pointless and born out of desperation. I mean do you really need a nappy disposal system? – in my house it’s known as the bin. There’s a gadget or tech answer to all our baby needs these days.Read More →

I’ve been nominated for The Blogger Recognition Award They say there’s a first time for everything and this is a first. I’ve seen these awards over the last few months but I didn’t ever think I’d be taking part. It’s awesome that Rock & Roses Mama thought of me alongside some other fab bloggers. Rebecca, you’re doing a great job inspiring a sense of self in Mamas – we all need a reminder once in a while. You definitely rock! Firstly… here are the rules: Thank the blogger who nominated you and provide a link to their blog. Write a post to show your award.Read More →

I need you! Welcome to My Highchair, a facilities review page, part of The Mumatron Blog. My highchair is a place where you can find reviews of baby friendly facilities across the country. Parent bloggers across the nation have come together to create a catalogue of facilities offered for babies and children. Facilities will be rated 1-5, 5 being the highest, against a set of standard criteria. Bloggers; My highchair needs you! When you go to change the baby and you’d rather use the floor than the mat, write a post. When you go for a highchair in a restaurant and it’s filthy, write a post. Equally,Read More →