Tarquin and Troops Review We’re getting to the stage where the Chops really needs to be moving from the nursery into a bedroom to call his own. The nursery is a little small for his needs now. He automatically goes for the bigger space in the spare room to play if we’re up there. While procrastinating over whether or not to start what feels like a mammoth task, I was offered the chance to review some gorgeous downloadable posters from Esty shop Tarquin and Troops. The posters take the same animals we see everywhere and turn them on their heads. Shop owner Tarquin has transportedRead More →

Dear Mothercare, Today I left your store at Crown Points in tears – again. It seems no matter why I go in, I come out in a state of utter despair. Forgive me for thinking that the name of your brand, Mothercare,  implies that you care about mothers. In my experience perhaps Mothercareaboutmoney. Might be a better fit. When I was first pregnant, I was so excited about the idea of going to a Mothercare store to purchase essentials, like the pram. And that right there was where it started. We found a pram, a wonderful Joie Chrome Plus. I wanted the pram, with a sandy colourRead More →

You are not a failure

Life Lessons to remember Having one of those days? You might want to read on… This weekend I had one of those days, you know them, life lesson learning days. I had a market stall, booked and paid for, of course Chops had developed a mystery fever. I was full of the mum guilt. Determined to make my new business work I set up my stall, nipped to the loo before the crowds came and opened the cash box. They came, they left. I made a lovely loss. I came home, freezing and hungry after forgetting lunch. When I saw the huge display of flowersRead More →

Milestones I take for granted It feels like two minutes since I was writing my last milestone post about The Chops’ first birthday back in February. How does the time run away with us so quickly? So much has changed in our lives in the last few months, that I’m consistently surprised that my little explorer has made any developments at all, let alone the floods of progress he makes on a seemingly daily basis. I have no comparative data but I (obviously) like to think I’ve got a genius on my hands. WARNING THIS POST IS A BIG FAT PROUD MUMA BRAG! The ChatsRead More →

Ever feel like the things you do innocently as a parent feel sinister for no reason? There are just some things that we have to do to survive that in any other circumstance would be dark! Sometimes, I feel worse for thinking something perfectly simple is ever so slightly twisted, enjoy my top 5 times.  Sinister mum fail 1 – The hanging of Iggle Piggle. Before The Chops was akin to Lightning Mcqueen on the speed stakes, he would lie placidly underneath a lovely play gym. I thought it might be nice for him to be able to look at his soft Iggle Piggle toy.Read More →

First birthdays can be so tricky when it comes to presents. Rather than asking for gifts, we asked for pennies to pay for a Cake Smash and Splash photo shoot. After trawling the web and sifting through the many photographers claiming to offer Cake Smash photo shoots. I came across the gorgeous Rachel Barron. This isn’t a sponsored post, I just want to sing her praises from the rooftops. The package Rachel offers a wonderful cake smash and splash package. It includes before, during and after pictures – which, incidentally are my favourite of our shoot. The package includes, a cake, nappy cover, and decorationsRead More →

“Hello, Helen? It’s nursery calling” When I answered the phone on Monday, I did think it was unusual that nursery would be calling me. After all, my son was with my Mother-in-law and had been since 9 o’clock that morning. What the nursery manager continued to tell me was not that our payment was late, or that chicken pox was rife. It went a little something like this; “Well you know we had the Ofstead back in April?” Did I? “Oh, I missed that, sorry – I bet it was on the news letter and I skimmed it but-” “Well we got inadequate again” AGAIN? ”Read More →

I’ve seen this tag doing the rounds for a while. Here are my answers, enjoy.  1) Fill in the gap: Before I had children I never… Before I had children, I never thought twice about sitting on the back doorstep and knocking back 20 Mayfair and a bottle of Pinot. Turns out quitting fags cold turkey is possible. The hole will never be filled. 2) What is the most annoying toy that your child owns or has owned and why? I’m having trouble narrowing this one down. I mean, I find most of his toys annoying. ‘When my tummy turns, When my tummy turns, WhenRead More →

Coming back to the blog

Have you stopped blogging? – A looooong ass story. If you know me you’ll know that I found returning to work after MAT leave really difficult. I went in and I cried, for 3 days, had a Christmas break and went back, and cried. I was in new surroundings, with new colleagues, doing new hours. It didn’t occur to me that all these things might piss me off. I’m not a pissed off kind of person. I have a grumble in private and crack on. Turns out this ‘sweep it under the carpet’ approach has screwed me over in the long run. You see, I’mRead More →

happy face

Forget your troubles, get happy! Spring is the the air, it certainly feels like a long time coming. I always find that by mid January I’m at my lowest ebb. The fun of Christmas is over, the weather is frightful and no one’s got cash. I know I’m not alone. This year in particular has been tough. Here are some tips on how I’m beating my Winter blues in time for Summer. Say “No” I’n not talking about the kids here either. I mean say “no” to things that you don’t want to do. If you’re invited to something and you don’t want to go,Read More →