So what if Dr Who is a woman, right? If you were anywhere near twitter last night when the new Dr Who was announced then you were strictly in one of two camps and they could not agree. Tweet after tweet was met with venom from it’s opposing party. We are now, of course, a nation of beings who can no longer accept a difference of opinion. If we don’t agree, we can’t be friends, right? via GIPHY Stop for a moment and think about this. We’re arguing here about the gender of a fictional time travelling Dr that regenerates when they die. I fearRead More →

Face wash, foam, mask, clay, gel. About a month ago the cap on my face wash broke. The little stopper bit on the inside of the cap snapped off, plugging the hole that it should fill when closed. Now that wasn’t a big deal. Unscrew the cap right? Wrong. Could I fuck get it off, think it was some sort of a sign. ‘I did find the face wash in the supermarket, that wasn’t the issue.’ I know I’ll just grab some at ASDA on Monday, be reet til then. Wrong again! Now I did find the face wash in the supermarket, that wasn’t theRead More →

Dear Mothercare, Today I left your store at Crown Points in tears – again. It seems no matter why I go in, I come out in a state of utter despair. Forgive me for thinking that the name of your brand, Mothercare,  implies that you care about mothers. In my experience perhaps Mothercareaboutmoney. Might be a better fit. When I was first pregnant, I was so excited about the idea of going to a Mothercare store to purchase essentials, like the pram. And that right there was where it started. We found a pram, a wonderful Joie Chrome Plus. I wanted the pram, with a sandy colourRead More →

Mumatron Moans

I’ve not written a post for a while for one reason or another. There are a few bits I need to get off my chest, if everyone could just bear the following in mind that would be great.

There is no G in the word Brexit (if you can even call it a word- more on that later). When pronouncing Brexit, it’s B-R-E-X-I-T, not as so many seem to think B-R-E-G-Z-I-T.Read More →

Can't pay we'll take it away

Can’t pay? We’ll take it away. Every Sunday night the TV pickings are so slim that we end up watching Can’t Pay We’ll Take it Away. The channel 5 entertainment show (if you can call it that) lucky you. It’s High Court enforcement officers carrying out High Court Writs across the country. I feel ashamed of myself for watching. Week after week,  I see people with no alternative but to hand over their possessions or call friends and family. They’re left to all but beg them for the cash to get these guys off their backs in order to keep their own homes and businesses. MostRead More →

Protect children

Can we really protect children? Unless you’ve been hiding under a rock in Narnia you’ve probably heard about historic child sex abuse claims plaguing football clubs up and down the country. When I heard about the first claim I’m ashamed to say I rolled my eyes and thought to myself ‘here we go again’. Not to say that I didn’t believe the allegation or that I didn’t have the utmost admiration for the claimant standing up to the most despicable crime, I was just so disappointed that it’s not over. I thought by now everyone was trying to protect children. I work in a primaryRead More →

This week social media has been plagued by a child’s t-shirt picturing a melting snowman with the slogan ‘I’m having a meltdown’ on the front. Cue mass hysteria (and a petition, because parliament don’t have enough on lately) over how insanely offensive it is to parents of children living with Autism Spectrum Disorders. Is it though? Is it really? Scrolling through the comments on various articles you were hard pushed find to a parent of a child with ASD or without ASD that thought this t-shirt was in some way aimed a ridiculing children who have been clinically diagnosed as being on the Autistic spectrumRead More →

When I was pregnant we spent weeks, months even debating names, deciding not to commit whole heartedly until Hugo was here. It’s funny how so much rests on the name you choose for your child, at one time I’m sure you could open a bible stick a pin in it and bingo, job done. Now there’s a lot of painstaking nit picking, we can’t call him that, it’s too biblical, there are so many of those in school,  my friends dog/cat/rabbit is called… they just had a baby called… it’s too modern… it’s too old fashioned…Read More →

Have you seen Midnight Philanthropy? I’m sure there was a time when people did things just to be nice. No strings attached, no endless gratitude required, no Facebook essay pleading likes and shares for five minutes fame. This time it would appear, has passed. If you want to buy a homeless person a burger after spending half your wages on Jagerbombs, make sure you post about it online. Get a decent selfie.Read More →

Baby Crap, I used to be fun I walk into town nearly every day. I love taking Chops out and letting him explore the world. He takes it all in, gets touched on his cheek far too often by unsanitary looking people. We both get to evade the cabin fever that is a deadly end to an otherwise pleasant morning. This is generally a mummy/baby friendly walk unless it’s bin day, in which case I most definitely have pram rage. Other instigators of pram rage include slow walkers, fast walkers, trollies, cars parked on paths, cars over dropped kerbs, ill positioned displays in shops, narrowRead More →