Ever feel like the things you do innocently as a parent feel sinister for no reason? There are just some things that we have to do to survive that in any other circumstance would be dark! Sometimes, I feel worse for thinking something perfectly simple is ever so slightly twisted, enjoy my top 5 times.  Sinister mum fail 1 – The hanging of Iggle Piggle. Before The Chops was akin to Lightning Mcqueen on the speed stakes, he would lie placidly underneath a lovely play gym. I thought it might be nice for him to be able to look at his soft Iggle Piggle toy.Read More →

happy face

Forget your troubles, get happy! Spring is the the air, it certainly feels like a long time coming. I always find that by mid January I’m at my lowest ebb. The fun of Christmas is over, the weather is frightful and no one’s got cash. I know I’m not alone. This year in particular has been tough. Here are some tips on how I’m beating my Winter blues in time for Summer. Say “No” I’n not talking about the kids here either. I mean say “no” to things that you don’t want to do. If you’re invited to something and you don’t want to go,Read More →

Times I feel like I'm Winning

I’m writing this one, mainly because there are so few times we feel like we’re winning at this parenting lark. There are times when the ‘fails’ outweigh the wins 10/1 so it’s good to remember the gold medal moments. I’ve made a list of some of the things that make me think I’m getting it right. Dinner gets eaten. Dinner always gets eaten…by me…and Daddy. For Chops however, dinner time can go either way. Sometimes he’s clearly got important cupboard emptying or bottle carrying to be doing – it’s not just sleep that’s for the weak. Last week I made fishcakes, green beans and newRead More →

party bags for babies

What do you put in party bags for babies? When I realised I was going to be throwing a birthday party for a one year old I was clueless. A more stress inducing task I challenge you to find (OK it wasn’t that bad). I love that Chops has baby friends.  Encouraging his friendships is important to me so I decided to have a party for babies, family and friends. I found an excellent company in Wakefield that hire out soft play equipment (http://www.bouncebuddieswakefield.co.uk/). A local conservative club was free to hire and luckily I’m the go-to for birthday cakes in my family. Perfect. JungleRead More →

Helen’s Heroes #1 – Bob Ross This is the first in a new regular series highlighting people and things that have influenced my life. Number one is a massive hero of mine. I have always been creative. By that I mean I’ve always had the ability to visualise something, then put it on paper. My first hero taught me about perspective and how you don’t necessarily need to draw a tree for your audience to see one. Bob Ross was a painter and presenter of The Joy of Painting. His iconic afro hair style looked dated, the whole show did, I didn’t care. His uniqueRead More →

Royal Armouries, Leeds. As part of a bonanza weekend of birthdays in the family I had the pleasure of visiting The Royal Armouries in Leeds this weekend. It creeps me out in a multitude of ways, the Japanese exhibits give me nightmares, the living memory actors make me more uncomfortable than when people sing a capella on TV without being asked and the fact that they let anyone use a crossbow baffles me, however, I begrudgingly admit that it is interesting, in parts.Read More →