The best ways to use carrots in the kitchen.

The best ways to use carrots in the kitchen.

The very best carrot tips and recipes

The carrot gets a fairly geeky reputation in my opinion. We’re taught very early on that eating carrots will help us see in the dark. Yawn. For me, carrots are small orange circles sliced for ease, not taste. If you want to get more out of this humble vegetable then read on!

Cut them length ways!

I have a friend who will not eat carrots when the are sliced from top to bottom. We are so used to seeing the sliced this way that most of the time it wouldn’t occur to us to do things any differently. However, next time you are faced with a carrot in the kitchen, slice it length ways down the middle and into batons from there. Make sure to include some of the paler middle area on each baton. The middle of the carrot is far sweeter than the tough exterior, giving them a far sweeter taste when cooked this way.

Cook carrots in orange juice.

There are many recipes out there for cooking carrots in orange juice. Carrots lend themselves to sweeter flavours, in the same way they do in a carrot cake. Cooking them in water for your Sunday Lunch is one thing but if you want to vamp up the flavour, cook them in a little fresh fruit juice instead. For a double carrot hit, why not cook them in carrot juice!

The mighty carrot cake

It might seem like an obvious one, but there are no end of options when it comes to a carrot cake. From simply adding grated carrot into a sponge mix to going all out with pineapple and coconut. There are versions for dieters (although I personally don’t see the point), gluten free, with out without nuts, the options are endless. My favourite is one from The Goodhouse Keeping Cooks bible, it’s much lighter than you expect and can be made as a tray bake.

Grated is king.

Add some grated carrots, some sultanas, parsley with lemon juice and seasoning as a great alternative to traditional creamy coleslaw, its sweet and fresh. Serve alongside falafel, humus and pitta bread for a lighter lunch. My secret ingredient in any pasta sauce, in particular bolognese is to add a grated carrot. The tomatoes need some sweetening, I use carrots instead of sugar .

Roasted root veggies.

What could be better than a carrot and beetroot on a Sunday lunch. Roast simply in olive oil or add balsamic vinegar for a zingy Italian twist. Why not roast the with the tops on, just remember to cover them or the will be frazzled.

The perfect pair.

These flavours are the perfect match for carrots.









What do you like to do with carrots in (or out of) the kitchen?



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