How to make sugar free strawberry ice lollies

How to make sugar free strawberry ice lollies

Strawberry ice lollies with Greek yogurt and banana.

The great thing about these strawberry ice lollies is not only are they sugar free, they contain two different fruits.

I’m always dubious when it comes to kids and ice lollies or ice cream, like many soft drinks I feel like they are laden with hidden sugar. It’s hard enough as an adult to get your daily allowances right (find more on that here). There’s no way I have the time to be working out lolly pop portions in the searing heat.

When I was a child I remember my mum making us lollies out of fruit juice. Having searched high and low I finally found a plastic mould in the supermarket (right in front of my face). Now I’ve made these lollies once I know that they will be a firm favourite both now and in the future. I can’t wait to see how they taste with other summer fruit such as peaches.

I decided to use Greek yogurt (full fat but you could substitute for fat free) because I love it’s creaminess. It’s thick and rich without being sickly, and it goes without saying, more nutritious than cream itself. At this time of year Strawberries are in season which is why you can get away without the sugar in this recipe. I did add a little honey out of personal choice. What better combination than Greek yogurt and honey? Again, if you’re making the recipe for the under ones, just leave it out. Want to boost your immune system? make that honey manuka. It’s a really versitile recipe. I actually drank the leftover mixture as a smoothie and it was delicious.

Sugar Free Strawberry Ice Lollies

How to make sugar free strawberry ice lollies – The recipe.

To fill a 6 serving lolly mould I used :

A handful of strawberries, apx 150g

4/5 generous dessert spoons of Full Fat Greek yogurt

1 small over ripe banana

Tsp of honey


Pop the ingredients into an upright blender.

The strawberries need hulling, rather than chopping off half the strawberry, I pinch at the base of the hull with my finger nails. I find that if I use a knife I take off far more than intended. Once they are all done, pop them into an upright blender.

Peel the banana and break into the blender on top of the strawberries.

Add yogurt and honey (optional)

Then spoon the yogurt over the top and add the honey if using.

Blend for 30-60 seconds. I had to give the blender a little encouragement to get going. After this time, check the consistency. I like them smooth and silky but if you prefer a chunky texture check on the mix every 10-15 seconds.

Pour the mix into the moulds
Put the sticks in and give it a tap.
Into the freezer for as long as you can (ideally overnight).

Pour the mix into the moulds, add the lids/sticks and give the whole thing a hard tap on the work top. This should encourage the mixture to fill the tips of the moulds and push and air bubbles to the surface.

Freeze for as long as possible, ideally, freeze overnight.

To get them out of the moulds, pop under running water for a few seconds at a time.

Ta Da! Sugar free strawberry ice lollies!

Enjoy these treats on a warm Summer day.




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