Rice Krispie Treats – A recipe

Rice Krispie Treats – A recipe

Rice Krispie Treats

Rice Krispie Treats seem to be having a bit of a moment. Perhaps it was the Christmas fad with the snowmen? Remember? Until then I thought they came made by Kellogs in a shiny blue foil packet. I’m a lover of baking and a lover of said foil wrapped treats so I thought I’d have a go at making my own. We were invited to a small birthday party recently so I excitedly blurted out ‘I’ll bring Rice krispie treats’ barely understanding what they were.

I found a recipe via Nigella Lawson (goddess of looking like you made far more of an effort than you did). If you don’t regularly use her website to dig yourself out of such catering holes, you should!



Before you start you should know…

I thought that it would be nice to make these treats together, don’t. Molten marshmallow is brutal. At one point I was managing a toddler standing on a chair playing with a bowl of rice krispies and a pan of boiling marshmallow. Stressful.

As you might have gathered, take rice krispies, marshmallow and some butter. You melt the butter and marshmallows then mix into the rice krispies.

For a recipe with three ingredients, its really bloody messy. My original intention was to make mini bite size pieces in a mini cupcake mould. Erm, nope. Don’t bother. The recipe advises a single tin and to cut them up after they have cooled. FOLLOW IT. The melted marshmallow goes stringy like cheese on a pizza as soon as it begins to cool, essentially as you pour it into the mould. Everything was covered in sticky marshmallow gloopy mess.

Once it was in the tin, I sprinkled over some stars and gold bits to make them party worthy. I definitely learned my lesson in terms of working quickly. I think if you can mix it up quickly and get it in the tin, the mess would be minimised.

Mess, chaos and many, many burns aside, they were absolutely DELICIOUS. Well worth the mess, and I would make them again, when of course I was flying solo.


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