The Allotment, Day 1, Week 1

The Allotment, Day 1, Week 1

Digging for victory!

I don’t think I’ve ever been as overwhelmed by a task as I was yesterday. Looking over my brand new quarter acre allotment plot I sighed. Essentially, it’s a bed of weeds with 3 apple trees on it. As I surveyed the area deciding where to start, I couldn’t help but notice the abundance of glass that lined the fence. Toddler death trap. Luckily I’m not one to mind a bit of graft in the outdoors, especially when the sun is beaming down. It seems everyone, no matter how novice a gardener they are has something to say when I tell them I’ve taken on an allotment. ‘You need some black bags, suppress the weeds’, ‘you need a rotavator’, ‘you need a digger’. Sorry to disappoint but what I need is a spade.

Where to start?



I decided to mentally mark out a patch between some fence posts, maybe six or seven feet square. That was one of the more helpful pieces of advice I’ve been given. ‘Do a patch at a time and you’ll feel like you’re getting somewhere’. I took my spade and I got stuck in. Luckily, the rain over the last few days has made the ground wonderfully soft which in turn helps the process. I got a lovely sense of purpose turning the ground over. It felt like a true new beginning.

Four hours, a million rotten onions and a couple of frogs later I had felt that complete satisfaction that I once got working in education. I find being able to see the results of your work one of the most rewarding feelings there is. Like when your child does something you’ve been teaching them for weeks (months/years!).


What next?

The plan, is now to get some of the broccoli plants from the garden into the ground. This will free up some space in the garden for things we are eating over the summer, most likely some radish and spring onions. My plan is then to get patch two dug over and prepared to get some more seeds in before it’s too late. We can at least get some use from the plot this year.

I’m also in desperate need of a shed/outhouse/conservatory. I’d like to be able to leave some of the tools down there, although it’s not very far from my house, the convenience of having the tools on site would mean I can grab half an hour here and there.

Oh and next time, I’ll lather on the sun cream – racerback tan lines anyone?


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