Easy veg to grow with children

Easy veg to grow with children

Growing carrots and other easy veg to grow – and EAT

Since I can remember someone in the family has been growing carrots.

If you’re anything like me, you’ll know there’s no feeling quite like eating food that you have grown for yourself. I have news, there is a feeling better than that and it’s eating food that your children have grown.

Since I left my job, growing our own produce has become more than just a hobby, it’s becoming a way of life. My 16 month old son has also been bitten by the gardening bug and loves to help with the watering.

Vegetables are an ideal first plant for children to grow.

Here are 5 of the best:


Carrots are in my opinion one of the easiest vegetables for anyone to grow. In my opinion, carrots are undereastimated time and again, they contain vitamins, K, B6, C and vitamin E among many others. They can be grown straight in to the ground or in to a pot. As long as it’s big enough to accomadate the length of the carrot. Simply pop the seeds in and keep watered. Why not try different colours to make them think twice about the humble orange carrot?

Use a permanent marker to reuse party cutlery a nifty label.


Beetroot is a gardeners staple. The great thing about it is that a glut of beetroot is easily pickled and jarred to save for the whole year round. It’s not only good for eating, the strong pink colour is used as a dye the world over. It’snot just the beets themselves that can be eaten either. Why not try using the stalks and leaves instead of kale or cabbage? They are full of goodness and make a super change.

Yet another use of Bags for Life


We all know about the recent iceberg lettuce-gate that happened in supermarkets across the nation. Instead of paying over the odds for average tasting salads. Grow them yourself. I love growing lettuce with my son because when we are in the garden playing he knows he can go over, pull a bit off and have a munch. Lettuce is a must in my garden, the more you use it, the more it grows. Bagged salads go off so quickly in the summer months so I far prefer snip it straight from the garden. Don’t worry if you don’t have a garden, salads can be grown in a window box.


Although it’s not one that we often eat, there’s no denying how easy cress is for children to grow. The seeds can be scattered on to a piece of damp kitchen paper and left. They will grow from the paper. Why not make funky cress heads using egg shells?


Herbs are not only incredibly useful in the kitchen, they smell amazing. I love the summery scent of basil that flys through the air as it’s watered. Herbs can be grown from seed, but I’ve had lots of success with supermarket live plants. One of my strongest rosemary plants came from the supermarket. What could be easier than repotting from supermarket container to tub? No waiting for the shoots to appear – although I think ┬áthe most exciting part is when the shoots finally appear!




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