Cake Smash and Splash with Rachel Barron Photography

Cake Smash and Splash with Rachel Barron Photography

First birthdays can be so tricky when it comes to presents. Rather than asking for gifts, we asked for pennies to pay for a Cake Smash and Splash photo shoot. After trawling the web and sifting through the many photographers claiming to offer Cake Smash photo shoots. I came across the gorgeous Rachel Barron.

This isn’t a sponsored post, I just want to sing her praises from the rooftops.

The package

Rachel offers a wonderful cake smash and splash package. It includes before, during and after pictures – which, incidentally are my favourite of our shoot. The package includes, a cake, nappy cover, and decorations on the set, then the pictures and a print. You can buy additional prints and images on USB. (Picking our extra images was virtually IMPOSSIBLE because they were all so gorgeous!)

The shoot

The shoot itself takes place in Rachel’s stunning home studio. A mum herself she gets it. She gets that babies are unpredictable, they are curious balls of bizarre who may or may not have slept/ eaten/ be teething and whatever else they throw your way day to day! She has it covered. As soon as we arrived I felt at ease.

We started with some pictures of Hugo with his little braces and nappy cover before the cake bashing commenced. What they don’t tell you is that when presented with a cake, not many babies actually smash! Hugo decided that he would use a single index finger and attempt to remove all the icing in a painstakingly slow method.

Enter mum and or dad to do a little breaking and smashing (super fun). Once it’s over it’s a case of quick clean up and time for the bath shots. It could not be more cute watching a baby, in a baby sized roll top free standing bath.


The pictures

A day later we got a ‘sneak’ peak via Facebook, we could share it with friends and family too. When the came out I cried. Rachel had captured the personality of my son perfectly. He’s a cheeky little thing, but he’s still a baby, the pictures really do emanate this mix of personality and innocence.

A few days later we got access to the online gallery, choosing 5 images (you can get them all but we decided on 5) was impossible. Lists were made and abandoned then remade and edited countless times. In the end we picked the 5.

The prints

When I went to collect the pictures I felt like a friend. I was welcomed with warmth and a smile. I took our prints and told everyone, everywhere how amazing they were – hence the post.

If you’re looking for a photographer, you must consider this diamond! #shamelessbutunecessaryplug You can follow her on Insta and Facebook too – needless to say the pictures on her insta are gorgeous. Rachel specialises in new born photography, I wish I’d thought more about pictures of Hugo when he was first born because they are to die for.

I loved the bright colours – everything is always blue for boys!
Nothing quite says baby like a little bare bottom.


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