Every shopper for themselves

Every shopper for themselves

I went to our local shopping centre on Thursday this week, bubs was poorly and I’d started with the cabin fever, thinking that it was a) warm, and b) dry I thought it would be safe enough to head on down for a wander. It’s started. It’s Christmas, it’s November, we hadn’t even had Armistice Day but it was Christmas. Undeniably and unashamedly slap you round the chops with a deely bopper at the panto style Christmas.

The walkway was full of pop up shops selling calendars, chocolates, soaps, gifts, cards, candles, the lot. Don’t get me wrong, I’m no hater, I’m as Mrs Claus as the next new mummy (now I’m over the back to work panic) desperate to dress bubs up as an elf and send him out on a Christmas card so that our relatives are overcome by how he’s the cutest elf that existed (in a theoretical elf existing world), I can’t wait for him to experience the whole thing. I just disappoints me that while it invokes the child inside us all over the build up to the big day (Christmas, not wedding, although similar behaviours can be observed) it happens that the child in question is Damien from The Omen. Pushing and shoving each other determined to be front of the queue, cutting people up in traffic to get there first. Companies charging a fortune to maximise profits at an excessively expensive time anyway. People going bat shit crazy with some 16 year old temp in M&S because they sold out of mini sausages wrapped in bacon and now their life might as well be over. Driving dangerously and getting riled up because someone else got the last space in the car park, doesn’t matter it’s a 90 year old granddad buying a paper like he does every day. Today a woman shouted at me as I crossed the road with my pushchair “I’ve not got all day you know!” before speeding off at well over the limit. win_20161113_15_42_40_pro

Was there ever a time that we willingly sacrificed something that we really wanted to ensure the happiness of others? (I think I might be imagining that the Christmas in Little Women really happened when they gave all their food away but they were still happy because Father wrote a letter and they had each other *sob*)


I’m sure that the whole thing was about love and kindness and family and coming together and helping each other and all those other wonderful qualities that set us apart from other mammals. Please, this year, don’t be a dick about it. Let someone have the last eggnog latte or walk and let someone else have your space. Remember that it’s not all about spending the most money, buying (or receiving for that matter) the biggest presents. There are enough people making life hard for each other, be it at home or on far off shores. Show some love and raise your head high knowing that you’ve done a good thing in an ever egotistical society, 2016 might need to give us all a break but we don’t need to take it out on each other.

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  1. Here here!! What a great message for us all your take on board. Definitely tone down crimbo extravagancies and share some true Christmas spirit! #chucklemums

  2. Yes!! Let’s all just calm down and be nice shall we!! The world will not end if you miss out on the boar pate (last year there was almost a fight in Waitrose over this or some similar nonsense!) #chucklemums

  3. I’m kind of into it this year… the November Christmas shit used to do my head in, but I’ve decided if you can’t beat them, join them. I might just go dig out the decorations this afternoon. #chucklemums

  4. I bloody hate the double standards at Christmas too! It’s not the season of goodwill. It’s the season of overspending and aggressive shopper behaviour. Not. A. Fan. Thanks for linking to #chucklemums!

  5. I find that if the hype starts too early, the children just get bored of waiting. I haven’t even made my Christmas cake yet (it’s usually finished by the end of October as you are supposed to make it early) and I’m not putting any decorations up until my husband decorates my lounge! Usually I put up the decs on the 1st December but as I’m waiting for him to complete our bedroom first I have stuff all over the place and don’t feel in the Christmas spirit just yet – although I will get there as I adore Christmas and it is about family and making memories and traditions to me! I usually have all my shopping done by now too but this year I haven’t and strangely, I don’t actually feel stressed about it!

    Thanks for linking up to #AnythingGoes


  6. I suggest that you might want to avoid the shops on Friday – people fighting over the last cut-price mini-sausage!

      1. I know – just makes me want to stay indoors!

  7. I like to do my bit by staying firmly indoors and refusing to go out – notonthehighstreet loves me! I’m sorry it’s taken me so long to comment on this for #chucklemums!

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