Games my one year old loves

Games my one year old loves

Games my one year old loves

Games my one year old loves

My little Chops is a character, there’s no denying that. He’s a regular trickster who loves a giggle. Recently a love of a select few games has become apparent. If you have a curious one year old, perhaps you could try a couple of these.

Tissue chew, 2 players.

Equipment : tissues (used ones from down the back of the sofa work best) / napkins/ magazine/ paper of other immediate importance.

Best played : At home although this is a portable game.

Rules : The clue’s in the title really. The density of the paper is key with this game. If you want maximum gross factor it’s best played with a cold. Player 1 rips the paper into pieces and shows them to player 2. Who says ‘ta’ and gestures for the paper back. Player 1 does their best to ignore player 2 during this process. He then puts the paper in his or her mouth and chew for 10 – 15 seconds before offering the paper to player 2. At this point player 2 must take the paper and be very grateful. Gratitude should be sincere and incredibly joyful (a genuine amount of thanks is present after the realisation that no one choked). Continue until all the paper is gone.

Empty it, 1 player.

Equipment : a kitchen.

Best played : In your own kitchen

Rules : Player 1 must empty every cupboard and draw in the kitchen. There is no rule as far as order is concerned. Score more points for maximising the volume emptied in the time allowed. Bonus points for a bin empty. Don’t let safety catches or other devices stop you from trying this one, if you give them a good tug most will just give way in a few seconds.

Chase, 2/3 player.

Equipment : point of safety (this could be another player, a chair or door)

Best played : mid nappy change/ getting dressed/ undressed.

Rules : Player one must get as far away from player 2 as possible, the less clothes they have on at the time the more points scored. Player 2 must have no pre warning to the starting of the game. In fact, it’s best to catch them completely unaware of what’s going on. Player one can give clues such as giggles or dancing once at the point of safety. Player 2 should then attempt to stop game, by doing this they are initiating further cause for chase.

Squeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeealers, 1+ player(s).

Equipment : voice

Best played : supermarket/ library/ doctors surgery

Rules : Level 1 – The idea is to squeal as loud as possible with out warning. If squealing is not an option don’t worry – a shout or ‘aaahhhhh’ sound will do. There should be other people around if possible but again this is not necessary to enjoy the game at this level. Level 2 – In order to complete level 2 players must seek a response from another player. Level 3 – To complete level 3 players must successfully use their squeal for manipulation or as a bargaining tool.

Under the table game , 2 player.

Equipment : a table (preferably with chairs)

Best played : at home post meal time, but can be played anywhere with a table.

Rules : Player 1 must get under the table and stay there for as long as possible. Once an entry under the table is found player 2 blocks it off as the route of exit. To survive under the table, player 1 should seek out food for sustenance under the table such as raisins or toast. Bonus points are awarded if player 1 does not injure themselves or break anything. To really maximise the game breakable objects are placed within grabbing distance of the table edge. Player 1 can seek to get them under the table as treasure.



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  1. Hahaha! Yep, been there and still doing that with them all – “Empty It” is a perennial favourite in every single room we happen to be in. Current favourite (my boy is 2 in April) is “Pour Sippy Cup on Coffee Table, Dance on Table and Shout “Puddle Splash!”” #Blogcrush ❤

  2. Haha! I saw this post and thought, ‘oh great, ideas for entertaining a one year old’. Then I realised I’m already playing all these games so we must both be doing a great job at child entertaining! So funny, great post! #blogcrush

  3. This is genius! I giggled all the way through! I loved the bit where you said “Player 2 must have no pre warning to the starting of the game.” I reckon that applies to most of them really! Haha #blogcrush

    1. Author

      Thanks. Yeah probably. One minute you’re washing up, the next you’re part of an elaborate under the table escape route! 😆

  4. Ha ha YES YES AND YES AGAIN! These are all games my one year old loves – annoyingly so! xx #coolmumclub

  5. Peachy likes these games too. I am often amazed by the sounds she is able to make and the volume that she can make them at. The upside is that when my husband and I get seperated at the grocery store, the babyless parent can easily follow the sound of the homing beacon. #StayClassyMama

  6. Haha love this – this really brings back memories but for some reason the tissue chewing drove me and still drives me mental! Thanks for linking up to #coolmumclub with this xoxo

  7. Brilliant!
    I’d forgot these little games, I had done similar things back in my college days training to be a nursery nurse.
    Brought back some memories!

  8. Hahaha the tissue paper one made me laugh. I also like h kitchen game but would make my boyfriend clean up lol. Great list of games, will be trying the tissue one tonight, can’t wait to see my boyfriend’s face (oh btw my son is too young so will just be me and the Boyf lol). Thanks for sharing with #StayClassyMama!

  9. Brilliant! We play all of these games but our favourite is hiding under the kitchen table almost like he’s playing a game of twister! #stayclassymama

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