My Highchair, a new project by The Mumatron Blog.

My Highchair, a new project by The Mumatron Blog.

I need you!

Welcome to My Highchair, a facilities review page, part of The Mumatron Blog.

My highchair is a place where you can find reviews of baby friendly facilities across the country. Parent bloggers across the nation have come together to create a catalogue of facilities offered for babies and children. Facilities will be rated 1-5, 5 being the highest, against a set of standard criteria.

Bloggers; My highchair needs you!

When you go to change the baby and you’d rather use the floor than the mat, write a post. When you go for a highchair in a restaurant and it’s filthy, write a post. Equally, when you go somewhere and it smells like roses and looks like a daz advert, write a post. By collaborating our experiences we can raise the standards of these facilities, promoting the good,shaming the bad and the ugly, improving things for everyone.

Here’s the deal

When I started my blog I was reviewing changing facilities but I didn’t go far enough, often enough to keep my blog going on that alone.

The idea is to create a database/catalogue of all the places that we visit as parents so that others can see how facilities (changing areas, highchairs, accessibility etc.) fair when pitted against each other with a view to raising standards across the board.

Work out where your review fits within the ratings criteria. Submit your review post using the email address below with the place name and rating as the title. I’ll add them to the page. We’ll share across social media, tagging companies who need improving using #MyHighchair. The idea is to make a difference!

This is all still very new so ideas and feedback are welcome!

Let’s get busy!

The ratings

1/5 – Unsanitary and bad enough not to use. Faeces/urine/vomit present. Sanitary towels/nappies disposed of incorrectly causing a direct hazard to health. Facilities are dangerous/ faulty to the point where they should not be used, missing vital safety features. You complained but no one cared. No evidence of cleaning log.

2/5 – Generally very unpleasant but can be used with some adjustments ie you had to give them a clean yourself before using or complained to a member of staff who sorted out the problem. Or the facilities are ok, but they were unavailable ie out of highchairs, there was not enough space for you to use your pushchair/car seat etc. Cleaning log is present but not used.

3/5 – Satisfactory. Clean overall. Tidy and well kept. ‘Bog standard’, they did the job. Facilities may be outdated but still functional. Some sundries are out of stock. Staff provided missing stock when requested. A cleaning log is provided but not 100% up to date/ complete.

4/5 – Good. Facilities are clean, tidy, well kept, some sundries are provided and fully stocked. Perhaps a little out of date/ well used but this does not affect function/ safety of the facility in question. On the other hand they may be new but not slightly dirty. Cleaning log is present and up to date.

5/5 – Excellent. THE DREAM. Changing facilities have extras, making the experience pleasant. Everything is clean and sun dries are provided and fully stocked. Facilities are spacious, well laid out, safe and designed with the user in mind. State of the art facilities, something innovative or something unique that made your visit easier/ more enjoyable.


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