Looking forward to the year ahead

Looking forward to the year ahead

Looking forward to the year ahead

Looking forward to the year ahead

If December is the month for reminiscing and celebrating the year that’s gone by, then January is definitely the month to start looking forward. It’s about being fresh in both body and mind. I’m not a great believer in resolutions because I think if you want to make a change then you should just do it. Quite often New Year can be a way of putting things off for the rest of the year. I’ve certainly been guilty of that a few times in the past.

The New Year coincides with the end of the school holidays so ‘new year’ tends to begin on the first day of the new term. There are a few things that I’m going to commit to for myself over the next year. There are things that as a family we will pick up over the year but I think while we’re still navigating how the whole being a parent thing works, it’s too early to set anything in stone.


Number 1

As of Wednesday (plenty of time to finish the Christmas food without stuffing oneself or throwing it out) I’m being a cliché, I’m going to commit to losing the remaining baby weight. This is something I’ve really toyed with over the last few weeks, I’m by no means unhappy the way I am but I do think that it’s important to be healthy and staying here for much longer wouldn’t be healthy. I’ve also really toyed with whether or not I’ll update my blog with progress, I think if I commit to that then it might give me a better chance.

Number 2

The second thing I’m going to commit to achieving over the next twelve months is finishing my book, over the holidays it took a back seat but up until then I was making some real progress with it. It might be a slow burner but starting it at all has been a huge thing for me.

And finally

The third thing is to make regular blog posts. I’ve been lucky to have stumbled upon something I enjoy by accident. I was originally building content for an app idea but that became less important as I started writing posts and linking up, finding my feet. This is something that I would like to continue to work on and improve upon.


Good luck with your endeavours in the New Year, what ever format they take!


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