New Year, New You…Excuse me?

New year new you

New Year, New You…Excuse me?

New Year? New You! – F**k off

For the past month I’ve been having a ball (apart from the bit where I went a back to work and spent the week crying all over the building) we’ve eaten some quality food. I’ve had a few drinks, chocolates, cakes – total indulgence, because it’s been Christmas (in case you missed it). I’m expecting any day now, primarily New Years Day I’ll be bombarded by the likes of Gok Wan (love him) telling me how life changing eating yogurts are. It’s time for a ‘new me’. He and Danone can go tickle. For one unless Activia have actually embedded their yogurts with fat-eating-muscle-replacing bots they’re not going to turn me into Elle Macpherson are they?

I’m not saying I’m perfect

It’s not a resolution I normally set. I don’t usually do one at all if I’m honest because I’m perfect happy. Not in a fat and happy in denial way, in a genuinely looking after myself so I don’t need to starve way. This year I’ll admit I do need to make a few cut backs. Having a baby has left me partial to the odd packet of  McVitie’s. But I refuse to be told by retailers that because the clock struck midnight it’s time for a total overhaul of who I am.

Perhaps if I didn’t think it was purely to line their pockets I wouldn’t mind, but as it is, they benefit from making the me feel like a substandard human. No one’s giving away health choices with my well being in mind are they? Putting it on a BOGOF doesn’t count, then I’ll eat more yogurts than I need to, and that will only make my substandard abs and butchered core more rotund.

I’m just stubborn

It’s like reverse psychology. The more adverts I watch about the New Me I should be the more I dig my heels in thinking ‘they can sod off’. I like the me I am in any case. If I went all de-bloated and pumped myself with chia seeds, would my Next sale bargains even fit? That would be a complete waste of alarm setting on Christmas eve.

New year is a brilliant time to make changes, but surely we’re not after losing who we are altogether. I will be cutting back on the treats, upping the veg, and I’ll see if my discs will allow me to run again. I quite like the freedom I’ve given myself this year but the line does need to be drawn somewhere. It’s been a refreshing change to have the extra muffin or shortbread or ice cream. It’s a bit like I’ll be getting the ‘old’ me back rather than a new me I suppose.

Good luck if you’re planning a New Year New You, just remember not to change completely!

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