Resolutions I should have made

resolutions I should have made

Resolutions I should have made

Resolutions I should have made

Shave your legs.

I just don’t do it anymore, perhaps its a winter thing, a primal way of keeping warm under threadbare leggings. It’s not really is it?  It’s I can’t be bothered, after the day, after the cooking and cleaning (repressed 50’s housewife style) and the rest who can be arsed to start preening? I most definitely should be having a bath to relax and preen, recharge, refresh- and I do, only it involves a bath pillow and an accidental nap waking when the water has gone cold.

Cut the caffeine.

No chance, that would involve finding an equally satisfying morning bev and they don’t exist. I’m a huge fan of the herbal tea and proud owner of an extensive collection, but no one really want to wake up to a mug of fennel flavoured water do they?


Pah, if there’s anything more ‘don’t try this at home’ than a curious ten month old sniffing around a weighted electronic steam powered heat source please let me know. Aah ha! I will do it at the weekend when daddy is home, but then what will we wear all week? As for evenings see #1.

Eat more bacon.

I’ve really slacked off on the bacon this year, I think may be because the entire house smells like a greasy spoon after cooking it and the sense of urgency to eat breakfast in some kind of wrestling style tag team on weekends to get it out of the way rather than leisurely brunch together and review the weeks events. No one wants cold bacon, on their own.

Drive more.

I walk most places, I have access to the car everyday but I like to walk and I’m a big believer in the outdoors. Most of the time if I have somewhere to be I’m late arriving because, y’know, the baby slept late/needed changing/ate a tissue or whatever. Even when I know I’m going to be late I take the pushchair and have at times ended up running (passed the car) in order to get to my destination on time. Why not get in the car? It’s existence doesn’t usually occur to me until I’m half way there and half way late.

Make more of an effort.

This I’ve been saying periodically for the last ten years. It means to start thinking about how you look and generally putting a bit of thought into it, actually listening to Gok, and Trinny making the most of my big feet and endless limbs. Wearing make up, styling hair, buying a new pair of leggings. Truth is I’ll always be a bare faced hoodie wearing type, what can I say?


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  1. Ha, I never iron. In fact I think I did it once and had to have a lay down after. I rarely shave my legs too! Great post;; made me laugh! #thatfridaylinky

  2. But they are all soooo hard! Forget cutting the caffeine! That’s just crazy talk! I think I would actually collapse! #ThatFridayLinky

  3. Haha! Love this! I too, never iron! I remember when I was a kid, my parents would set aside a whole evening to do the ironing, and I just think life’s so short, I don’t want to iron! Thanks for linking up to #ThatFridayLinky

    1. Author

      I remember my Mum ironing watching Eastenders omnibus, may be one day I’ll find solace in the iron too!

  4. Ahaha, I am with you on these. I don’t even know where the iron is in our house. I never use it, as for shaving our legs I agree that it must be primal. It is so bleeping cold that we need an extra furry layer! If I had to make a New Year’s Resolution it would to be buy a calendar as I always days late or days early! #FridayFrolics

    1. Author

      I have a diary this year, 2 diaries in fact so we’ll see if it makes me any more punctual.

  5. I always start a new skin care regime in an effort to take better care of myself. The longest I’ve kept it up is three weeks! Thanks for linking up to #FridayFrolics

    1. Author

      I got new skin care for Christmas, I said I’ll start a new routine in the new year, really look after myself…still in the boxes!

  6. Haha, love this! Thanks mumatron!
    No to ironing. Defo. Don’t do it. Cooking, cleaning… It’s enough. Without the tedious to-ing and fro-ing of a lump of metal. Unless I HAVE to. Otherwise Buy clothes that don’t need ironing.
    I do treat myself to a bath once in a while. That’s when the legs do get shaved, usually with a Gillette Venus that has all the moisture cushions rubbed off. But otherwise it’s shameless gorilla-style. As for bare faced hoodie type: good on you. I am actually the opposite to this resolution and have somewhat envied the hoodie and bare faced look that you so describe. I would love to do that more often. I guess everything in moderation though!. I embrace it every once in a while but no: for me I have to religiously do my hair and make up, wear perfume, earrings every day, to at least some extent. I just can’t help it! Laura X

    1. Author

      Jel Laura, I do my make up for 2 reasons, parties and job interviews haha. The occasional shopping trip gets a look in too but they’re rather rare too! X

      1. Rather rare, and accompanied by a small person who does not want to partake in said shopping trip. Unless it’s to the supermarket, down the baby aisle, near the Ellas kitchen melty puffs. X

  7. I never iron, on principle, lol lol, but I think your reasoning on the topic is also solid! I too have a problem with shaving my legs, but it’s more a year-round thing… oh well. ;P

    Thanks for the laughs!! #FridayFrolics

  8. This is brilliant haha! We don’t iron never had ear more bacon sounds a good idea lol Thanks for linking to the #THAT FRIDAY LINKY come back next week please

  9. Ha! Love this. I could never give up the caffeine. Ever. And the iron. Ugh….I hate ironing!

  10. Haha love this! You had me at shave your legs….I should have made this resolution too! Thanks so much for linking this up with #coolmumclub lovely…this would have made a fab vlog!!! xoxo

  11. Oh there is no need to iron! I walk everywhere if I can too. I love driving but I just think if you can walk you should!

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