What to buy: a guide for baby, mum and dad

What to buy for babies, mums and dads

What to buy: a guide for baby, mum and dad

What should you buy for baby?

A version of this post first appeared on Meetothermums.com

The amount of kit out there designed to help baby is excessive. All a baby really needs is food, shelter and love isn’t it? Yes. That’s all baby needs.  The kit is for parents. One of the most important things I’ve learnt since becoming a mummy is that most of it is expensive, pointless and born out of desperation. I mean do you really need a nappy disposal system? – in my house it’s known as the bin. There’s a gadget or tech answer to all our baby needs these days. I’ll share with you my top 5 baby ‘gadgets’. There were one or two things that we bought on the advice of friends and family that might as well have gone straight in the bin. I know everyone wants to help but we did NOT need a carry cot, nor did we need a bogey extractor!

So what DID WE need?

Not strictly a list of must haves, more a guide to the things we found most useful. Money that was well spent on things that proved to be life savers (This is not an ad!)

Britax 360 car seat.

This car seat was hands down the best thing we purchased for The Chops, and for my back! Although it was expensive the swivel action saved twisting at awkward angles. Lifting our original seat in and out of the car did my back no good. Due to my c-section I couldn’t even lift it in and out of the car for six weeks. It gave up the game in the summer and we invested in the new one. Everything about it is genius. The swivel action means we can face the seat forwards, backwards or to the side for quick and easy access. I suppose the downside is that if Chops falls asleep in the car you kind of need to keep going or sit in the car and wait, but I’ve mastered getting him in and out without waking him up now #mumwin.

Gummee Glove.

Another total stroke of genius, I can’t  understand why no one thought of it earlier. When I ordered it I knew it would either be amazing or pointless, luckily it’s the former. Essentially it’s a boxing glove with rubber ‘wings’ for baby to chew. The idea is that babies who start teething early can’t hold a teething toy. With the glove on their hand they can chew away and never drop it. I think it was £12, something like that. Fully machine washable and my son loved it.

Cow and Gate Instant Carobel.

Move over Gaviscon you constipation causing menace. Having a reflux baby was not easy. Watching him bring up all that milk was awful, the look on his face was sheer agony. It didn’t matter how much Gavison I gave him, it hurt, and he cried. My husband found Instant Carobel online and after trying just about everything we gave it a shot. It’s a white power which acts as a thickening agent. I know all the advice told me not to put anything in his bottle but this worked. Milk went down, it stayed down and the difference in my baby’s temperament was remarkable.

AMA Wrap.

I name it purely because it’s the wrap I chose. Baby wearing quite literally changed my life. I bought this mega cool pushchair (the car sear clipped in and everything), it had a carry cot attachment. Of course my baby HATED it. All I had imagined was walking with my pram and baby sleeping blissfully. That changed to walking with him strapped to my front sleeping. Nonetheless it gave me the freedom that I needed to get out of the house, even just for a pint of milk. He still goes in it now, and he’d one on Monday!

Grow Lights.

I stumbled upon these in Boots one long slow overdue day. It’s not strictly a light, rather an attachment that fits above the light bulb. The Grow Light allows you to switch on your big light and have a blue night light when you need to. You switch once for a night light, turn it off, switch on again and its a big light. Occasionally I get caught out and end up switching a few times to get it right but overall it’s amazing. We had one in our room when Chops was in his basket, it stayed on all night so we could see what we were doing for night feeds and changes, it’s now in the nursery. The other one is used on the landing. Having a glow in the night when you need the loo is very useful! Personally I think lots of people could benefit from Grow Lights, not just parents!

There you have it. My top five things for babies, mums and dads.

Honourable mentions:

Sleepyhead Grand – expensive but worth it.

Angel Care 1100 Monitor – peace of mind, yes he’s still breathing!

Swaddle Me – a great transition between swaddle and grobag.

Totseat – portable cloth highchair.

Sound sleeper app – play white noise that will send you insane while baby sleeps.



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