Grow your own kits


These Grow Your Own Kits are perfect for first time and seasoned growers alike.



Grow your own

Have you always dreamed of growing your own food but don’t know where to start?

Have you often found yourself wasting vegetables because the didn’t stay fresh?

Are you sick of paying inflated supermarket prices for mediocre standards?

Then look no further!

These gorgeous little kits are perfect for you to grow your own. They include everything you need to get started. Choose from five different seeds. Can’t see the seed you want? No problem, contact me and I’ll find them for you.

Kits include everything you will need to grow your own vegetables. Simply unpack the kit, and follow the step by step guide. You don’t even need a garden, the kit comes with a planter suitable for indoors, balconies and gardens.

What do I get?

Grow your own kits include;

Terracotta pot

Fibre pot


Cacao compost block

Chalk to label your pot

Propagator bag

Growing on Bag

Seedling label




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