Mumatron Moans – Get it off your chest

Mumatron Moans

Mumatron Moans – Get it off your chest

Get it off your chest Mumatron

I’ve not written a post for a while for one reason or another, here’s the first instalment of Mumatron Moans. There are a few bits I need to get off my chest, if everyone could just bear the following in mind that would be great.

Brexit vs Bregzit

To be clear is no G in the word Brexit (if you can even call it a word- more on that later). When pronouncing Brexit, it’s B-R-E-X-I-T, not as so many seem to think B-R-E-G-Z-I-T.

Made up words

Being on TV does not give you license to make up words. It’s bugging me that if someone on TV says a word, it’s assumed that it’s right, a real word. I give you, Armology ,seriously, you couldn’t think of a better way to describe a dancer’s arm movements?! Flavourful -pretty sure it used to be flavoursome. Vocality “you have a wonderful vocality to your voice” What does that even mean? One can only assume it means tone of voice, so say tone of voice.  I didn’t know this, but according to some slebs if you use ‘ality’ as a suffix on just about any word, it’s a word regardless of whether or not it makes any sense. While we’re at it, Ginormous isn’t a word either.


Why is everything hand picked these days? Things that cannot be hand picked include: hotels, holidays, TV shows, houses, music and restaurants. Things that can be hand picked include: eggs, apples, flowers, tomatoes and fabrics.


Which genius decided that in order to buy anything from a high street store, you not only pay for it with cash, but with information also? ‘Can I take an email address?’ has become a phrase that makes my blood boil, I want to say ‘Yeah sure its’ but I can hardly blame a pimpled teen behind that counter in New Look for my pet peeves can I?



I understand that everyone’s got a job to do and if that job is ‘marketing’ in the street, for a charity or energy/broadband/TV provider do not, in an attempt to get my attention begin your sentence with ‘Miss’, you’re not in school. Most of all, I dislike being manipulated in the street while trying to do my shopping. I was asked ‘Are you friendly, Miss?’ recently, the poor guy sounded like he had stepped out of a Dickens novel.  It’s times like these I wish I sounded like Danny Dyer and could just bang out a ‘Do I look f**king friendly?’.

Wow I feel so much better. I’m sure there’s more where this came from, I’ll save it for later.

In other news I’ve started a little YouTube Channel – The Mumatron Vlogs. Check it out for some dieting tips (of the cheating kind, like how eat more curly wurlys).

Mumatron Moans will be running as a regular series eeeek, come back for more moans and groans!


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  1. The word ‘Brexit’ itself has been bugging me of late. I simply can’t believe that Politicians have nicknamed a crucial move in our country’s history in the same way that we nickname celebrity couples. Whilst adding ‘ality’ to a word doesn’t make it a word, so too does combining two words into one. Could we not have thought of a more serious and meaningful way to refer to a defining moment in our history? #CoolMumClub

    1. Author

      All the wrong messages all over the place! It just totally undermines the seriousness of the whole issue! X

  2. This post is an absolute gem! Can we make it a regular series pleeeease! I love the Danny Dyer comment, made me spit out my tea. Thanks for making me properly laugh this evening 🙂

    And, thanks for linking to #coolmumclub!

  3. This post made me smile. Where I am, the question street collectors ask is ‘do you have a good sense of humour?’ I always reply ‘I’m afraid not’, which I find funny, even if they don’t!

  4. Haha I love this! Made me laugh on a very miserable day when my blog has gone crazy! Thank you! #stayclassymama

  5. Top rant! Spot on about ‘ality’ – the irony is they probably think they’re being clever. Always makes me laugh when street sellers/marketers ask how you are this morning/afternoon. Great until you walked across my path! #thatfridaylinky

  6. Hilarious! You are spot on. I’m so with you on the ‘can I just take your e-mail address to e-mail me your receipt please?” “NO, you cannot, you can give me the paper receipt that’s just about to pop out of the doo da, thank you very much.” And I hate being called Miss, or Love, but the worst for me is Dear! Very funny #FunnyFrolics

  7. Very funny, I may have to borrow your email address line next time I get randomly asked for mine so that I get a *king receipt (Oooh lucky me). #fridayfrolics

  8. Make this a blog hop and I’ll be here bitching every week, I promise!

    I loathe when stores ask for your email address. Like, why? Do you want to buy me dinner? Pay my mortgage?


  9. Completly agree brexit is such an annoying made up word super post Thanks for linking to the #THAT FRIDAY LINKY come back next week please

  10. I hate being asked for my email address when buying things in store. If I wanted to give my email address, I would have bought online! Fab post. Thanks for linking up to #ThatFridayLinky

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