Rice Krispie Treats Rice Krispie Treats seem to be having a bit of a moment. Perhaps it was the Christmas fad with the snowmen? Remember? Until then I thought they came made by Kellogs in a shiny blue foil packet. I’m a lover of baking and a lover of said foil wrapped treats so I thought I’d have a go at making my own. We were invited to a small birthday party recently so I excitedly blurted out ‘I’ll bring Rice krispie treats’ barely understanding what they were. I found a recipe via Nigella Lawson (goddess of looking like you made far more of anRead More →

So what if Dr Who is a woman, right? If you were anywhere near twitter last night when the new Dr Who was announced then you were strictly in one of two camps and they could not agree. Tweet after tweet was met with venom from it’s opposing party. We are now, of course, a nation of beings who can no longer accept a difference of opinion. If we don’t agree, we can’t be friends, right? via GIPHY Stop for a moment and think about this. We’re arguing here about the gender of a fictional time travelling Dr that regenerates when they die. I fearRead More →

Face wash, foam, mask, clay, gel. About a month ago the cap on my face wash broke. The little stopper bit on the inside of the cap snapped off, plugging the hole that it should fill when closed. Now that wasn’t a big deal. Unscrew the cap right? Wrong. Could I fuck get it off, think it was some sort of a sign. ‘I did find the face wash in the supermarket, that wasn’t the issue.’ I know I’ll just grab some at ASDA on Monday, be reet til then. Wrong again! Now I did find the face wash in the supermarket, that wasn’t theRead More →

Tarquin and Troops Review We’re getting to the stage where the Chops really needs to be moving from the nursery into a bedroom to call his own. The nursery is a little small for his needs now. He automatically goes for the bigger space in the spare room to play if we’re up there. While procrastinating over whether or not to start what feels like a mammoth task, I was offered the chance to review some gorgeous downloadable posters from Esty shop Tarquin and Troops. The posters take the same animals we see everywhere and turn them on their heads. Shop owner Tarquin has transportedRead More →

Dear Mothercare, Today I left your store at Crown Points in tears – again. It seems no matter why I go in, I come out in a state of utter despair. Forgive me for thinking that the name of your brand, Mothercare,  implies that you care about mothers. In my experience perhaps Mothercareaboutmoney. Might be a better fit. When I was first pregnant, I was so excited about the idea of going to a Mothercare store to purchase essentials, like the pram. And that right there was where it started. We found a pram, a wonderful Joie Chrome Plus. I wanted the pram, with a sandy colourRead More →

The very best carrot tips and recipes The carrot gets a fairly geeky reputation in my opinion. We’re taught very early on that eating carrots will help us see in the dark. Yawn. For me, carrots are small orange circles sliced for ease, not taste. If you want to get more out of this humble vegetable then read on! Cut them length ways! I have a friend who will not eat carrots when the are sliced from top to bottom. We are so used to seeing the sliced this way that most of the time it wouldn’t occur to us to do things any differently.Read More →

You are not a failure

Life Lessons to remember Having one of those days? You might want to read on… This weekend I had one of those days, you know them, life lesson learning days. I had a market stall, booked and paid for, of course Chops had developed a mystery fever. I was full of the mum guilt. Determined to make my new business work I set up my stall, nipped to the loo before the crowds came and opened the cash box. They came, they left. I made a lovely loss. I came home, freezing and hungry after forgetting lunch. When I saw the huge display of flowersRead More →

Strawberry ice lollies with Greek yogurt and banana. The great thing about these strawberry ice lollies is not only are they sugar free, they contain two different fruits. I’m always dubious when it comes to kids and ice lollies or ice cream, like many soft drinks I feel like they are laden with hidden sugar. It’s hard enough as an adult to get your daily allowances right (find more on that here). There’s no way I have the time to be working out lolly pop portions in the searing heat. When I was a child I remember my mum making us lollies out of fruitRead More →

Milestones I take for granted It feels like two minutes since I was writing my last milestone post about The Chops’ first birthday back in February. How does the time run away with us so quickly? So much has changed in our lives in the last few months, that I’m consistently surprised that my little explorer has made any developments at all, let alone the floods of progress he makes on a seemingly daily basis. I have no comparative data but I (obviously) like to think I’ve got a genius on my hands. WARNING THIS POST IS A BIG FAT PROUD MUMA BRAG! The ChatsRead More →

Growing carrots and other easy veg to grow – and EAT Since I can remember someone in the family has been growing carrots. If you’re anything like me, you’ll know there’s no feeling quite like eating food that you have grown for yourself. I have news, there is a feeling better than that and it’s eating food that your children have grown. Since I left my job, growing our own produce has become more than just a hobby, it’s becoming a way of life. My 16 month old son has also been bitten by the gardening bug and loves to help with the watering. VegetablesRead More →