Have you got baby brain? Before the dawn of time women everywhere knew that in order to receive the gift of a child they must sacrifice their brain or part there of. Modern man labelled this phenomenon baby brain and I for one have revelled in it. Lose your keys? Baby brain. Call a colleague the wrong name? Baby brain. Thing is I’m not sure it will ever go away. Worse still, I know that it won’t because I’ve always had it. You’re not likely to find me in the mastermind chair any time soon but I do get the odd one right on UniversityRead More →

How do you feel as a woman? I saw a journo request via twitter on Tuesday asking how becoming a mum had changed how you feel as a woman. I was about 300 characters over my limit before I gave up and decided to just write a post instead. Until I started writing this, I’d never really considered how I feel as a woman. Thinking of all the things that women are ‘supposed’ to be these days, I can’t say I’ve ever fit into the boxes. I’ve never thought of myself as especially feminine. I’m not really into any media stereotypes like shopping or fashion or make up orRead More →

I went to our local shopping centre on Thursday this week, bubs was poorly and I’d started with the cabin fever, thinking that it was a) warm, and b) dry I thought it would be safe enough to head on down for a wander. It’s started. It’s Christmas, it’s November, we hadn’t even had Armistice Day but it was Christmas. Undeniably and unashamedly slap you round the chops with a deely bopper at the panto style Christmas.Read More →

This week has been tough. Tough because I’ve let things get to me. I’ve allowed myself to feel isolated, ignored and unappreciated.  I convinced myself that family and friends were deliberately ignoring me because our opinions differ, I let myself think that they thought I was stupid and my advice worthless. Everything’s been shit because that’s how I’ve chosen to look at it, I have most definitely been smouldering, and not in a sexy way. After raving that I’d not given myself longer than half an hour baby free for a while I took myself off to for a coffee on Saturday morning and put myRead More →

This week has been all or nothing when it comes to parenting, housing and adulting (I do love a good made up word). I should have known on Monday that it would be one of those weeks when Hugo decided that the poultry aisle in the supermarket was the best place to casually do an impression of a volcano erupting after a belly full of chicken and tomato something organic. Clearing baby vomit off the floor with an industrial sized blue roll was obviously the trigger for buying no ‘real’ food and filling the trolley with cleaning products, toilet rolls and baby vests in a spectacular panicRead More →

This week social media has been plagued by a child’s t-shirt picturing a melting snowman with the slogan ‘I’m having a meltdown’ on the front. Cue mass hysteria (and a petition, because parliament don’t have enough on lately) over how insanely offensive it is to parents of children living with Autism Spectrum Disorders. Is it though? Is it really? Scrolling through the comments on various articles you were hard pushed find to a parent of a child with ASD or without ASD that thought this t-shirt was in some way aimed a ridiculing children who have been clinically diagnosed as being on the Autistic spectrumRead More →

When I was pregnant we spent weeks, months even debating names, deciding not to commit whole heartedly until Hugo was here. It’s funny how so much rests on the name you choose for your child, at one time I’m sure you could open a bible stick a pin in it and bingo, job done. Now there’s a lot of painstaking nit picking, we can’t call him that, it’s too biblical, there are so many of those in school,  my friends dog/cat/rabbit is called… they just had a baby called… it’s too modern… it’s too old fashioned…Read More →

Have you seen Midnight Philanthropy? I’m sure there was a time when people did things just to be nice. No strings attached, no endless gratitude required, no Facebook essay pleading likes and shares for five minutes fame. This time it would appear, has passed. If you want to buy a homeless person a burger after spending half your wages on Jagerbombs, make sure you post about it online. Get a decent selfie.Read More →

Me and my sisters

For my sisters, my sanctuary. Sometimes it’s all too much, you’ve not slept properly in months, you spend half your life covered in sick or poo or mashed banana. It’s all a mess, the car, the carpet, the walls. You rarely get chance to text pre-baby friends let alone meet them and on the day you’re ready to have to cocktails you’re ill/daddy’s ill/friend’s ill. Cue tears. There are a select few that can make you feel that not all hope is lost. More likely they will laugh with you as you recount the time your placid wonder-baby transformed into a homicidal, hangry banshee in the middle of the supermarket/high street/shoppingRead More →

Over the last ten years I think it’s safe to say I’ve done every diet going. I’ve been so worried about gaining weight that I’ve had a tight control on what I eat. I’ve cut carbs, I’ve pointed, I’ve not pointed, I’ve portioned, I’ve eaten only fruit and vegetables, I’ve lived off 500 calories for two days a week, I’ve cleansed, detoxed. The miles I must have clocked counting steps, laps, lengths, tracking runs, pumping, attacking, dancing (probably more freestyle than actual Zumba) boxing, stepping. I even qualified to lead a running group. Although it reads like a list of regrets and that’s far fromRead More →