Baby Crap, I used to be fun I walk into town nearly every day. I love taking Chops out and letting him explore the world. He takes it all in, gets touched on his cheek far too often by unsanitary looking people. We both get to evade the cabin fever that is a deadly end to an otherwise pleasant morning. This is generally a mummy/baby friendly walk unless it’s bin day, in which case I most definitely have pram rage. Other instigators of pram rage include slow walkers, fast walkers, trollies, cars parked on paths, cars over dropped kerbs, ill positioned displays in shops, narrowRead More →

Royal Armouries, Leeds. As part of a bonanza weekend of birthdays in the family I had the pleasure of visiting The Royal Armouries in Leeds this weekend. It creeps me out in a multitude of ways, the Japanese exhibits give me nightmares, the living memory actors make me more uncomfortable than when people sing a capella on TV without being asked and the fact that they let anyone use a crossbow baffles me, however, I begrudgingly admit that it is interesting, in parts.Read More →