The Village Hotel-Velocity Gym – Leeds South 4/5

The Village Hotel-Velocity Gym – Leeds South 4/5

Changing rooms for Puddleducks/Mummyfit.

There are 2 rooms with changing tables and toilets, showers and nappy bins in the family change area. It’s a little warmer than the separate rooms too so when we get out of the pool it’s not a shock to the system. On a whole they are clean and well looked after (there are a few keys missing from lockers and we once found sick in the sink but it was quickly cleared once we reported it). There’s space to park a push chair. However the entry is a tight and you often have to get there either very early or late to use one of the rooms (our swimming class has 8 swimmers) and it is shared with disabled users.  There are a number of mummy/baby type classes, swimming and mummy fit so there are frequently mummies feeding breast and bottle in the lobby area.

The lobby area is open and has leather sofas with access to a Starbucks, fine for babies who can’t move, not great for walkers as they can get anywhere in the open plan entrance.  Walking babies could (if they will let you) use one of their plastic Ikea type high chairs, clean and easy to use. I did once meet a friend who’s little one escaped one of the high chairs, in less than 60 seconds, so I think it might depend on the child (as with everything!). Staff are always friendly and helpful, opening doors/ gates etc. I can’t comment on the food, it looks lovely but we often have to head straight to/from classes due to timing. Parking can be tricky on weekdays if there is a conference or function, spaces are fairly narrow for getting a car seat in or out of a car with smaller babies. There are no dedicated parent and child spaces.

I might add that swimming with Puddleducks is undoubtedly the highlight of our week.

Overall it does what you need it to with a nice finish, it’s just a shame that the family area is so small knowing that there are family things on most days. Can be tricky to park on weekdays.







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