Get happy this Spring. Top tips to banish the blues.

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Get happy this Spring. Top tips to banish the blues.

Forget your troubles, get happy!

Spring is the the air, it certainly feels like a long time coming. I always find that by mid January I’m at my lowest ebb. The fun of Christmas is over, the weather is frightful and no one’s got cash. I know I’m not alone. This year in particular has been tough. Here are some tips on how I’m beating my Winter blues in time for Summer.

Say “No”

I’n not talking about the kids here either. I mean say “no” to things that you don’t want to do. If you’re invited to something and you don’t want to go, don’t. Taking control over where you go, who you see and what you do is refreshing and liberating.

Get outdoors

Personally, I love being outside. As a teen I would sleep on the patio on fresh Spring and Summer afternoons. Just sitting outside for fifteen minutes can take you away from the stress of the daily grind. Luckily for me, my son is proving quite the outdoor adventurer. We’ve planted all sorts of bulbs and veggies in the garden ready to reap the rewards later in the year. Get a coat on, some wellies if it’s wet and get out there.

Kick the diet

I’ve written posts before on how I’ve dieted all my life. If there’s a plan – I’ve done it. Not only do they cost way too much money, they make me MISERABLE. We hear it all the time but a balanced diet really is the way to go. Since The Chops started eating what we eat, I’ve taken away all our low fat, low sugar tasteless crap and replaced it with the real deal. The result? I don’t want as much. Curly wurly? Have it. Life’s too short.

Take a break

I recently took a break from my blog. Shock Horror! I found myself becoming increasingly disheartened that I this score wasn’t improving or that post hadn’t got any comments. Having had a great time blogging when I thought no one was reading, I wondered why I cared so much now? All my spare time was spent trying to tweet or insta my life. So I went cold turkey. That’s right, no blog. The world hasn’t ended. Taking a step back has allowed me to rekindle my romance with my hobby. Sometimes that’s all we need to do.

 Voice your opinion

It occurred to me recently that I was agreeing with everyone, whether I genuinely agreed or not. Why? In order to keep the peace. While there are certainly times when this is necessary, it’s OK to have a different opinion. There’s a new kind of attitude towards difference in opinion where by, if we don’t agree with each other on every thing, we can’t be friends. Since when? Stay true to what you think is right.

Get messy

Having a 13 month old boy it often feels like my life is one big ball of messy play. He loves it. Paints, mud, water, pizza dough, bubbles. You name it he’s in it. The best thing I did was decide that rather than trying to tidy around his messy play, I’d join in. Not only does my son think it’s hilarious if I have a beard made of bubbles, it’s liberating as an adult to play like a child. There’s nothing that can’t be cleaned up!

Take a risk

For me this is a big one. I’m anxious, cautious and at times my life has been planned to the hour. It might not seem like much but I’ve signed up to run a craft stall selling things that I have made. For me this is risky in two ways. Firstly I’ve never done anything like this before – the unknown is terrifying. Secondly I’m putting my skills as an artist out there to be judged by the public. I shouldn’t care what they think, after all it’s my work and I love it. But I do. Human nature I guess. Thing is, if I don’t do this, how will I know if there’s more behind this door.

Being happy is harder than it sounds. It’s easy to appear happy, but if you are truly happy, inside and out it will shine from you like a rainbow. ¬†Good luck on finding your happy this Spring!

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