Party bags for babies

party bags for babies

Party bags for babies

What do you put in party bags for babies?

When I realised I was going to be throwing a birthday party for a one year old I was clueless. A more stress inducing task I challenge you to find (OK it wasn’t that bad). I love that Chops has baby friends.  Encouraging his friendships is important to me so I decided to have a party for babies, family and friends. I found an excellent company in Wakefield that hire out soft play equipment ( A local conservative club was free to hire and luckily I’m the go-to for birthday cakes in my family. Perfect. Jungle theme napkins purchased (on sale, whoop), Whatsapp group for the invites. Done. Except I’d forgotten something. PARTY BAGS. Sodding party bags for ten babies with a combined age of 13. Looking in the supermarket at the little section with the party bag crap nick-knacks I was struck how small and chokeable everything was. Not to mention pricey. Here’s what we did in the end.

Party bag fillers for babies

I chose a bath time theme, all babies love a bath right?

Floating ducks

These plastic ducks were £1 for 5 at the pound shop. They are beautiful bright colours and look like they will with stand some hammer.

Bath boats.

Same principle, these bright coloured plastic boats were 5 for £1 again. They are idea for pouring and water play.


Aside for being a personal favourite these bubbles cost £3 for 24 small bottles at the supermarket. I don’t know a man, woman or child that isn’t instantly filled with wonder by a bubble floating through the air. The awe on a baby’s face is beautiful. Bubbles went around the room on tables as well so that everyone could enjoy them.

Balloons (yes they are).

A few balloons in each bag for the littlies to enjoy at home. I’m nervous when Chops gets hold of a balloon. There’s a fine line between fun and fear with balloons but in my experience most babies enjoy them (under supervision, with everything clenched).


If they’re too small for chocolate, that’s a shame. Good job mummies love a bag of chocolate buttons as well.


I’ll be completely honest, I cared more than anyone else about these. It became somewhat of an obsession while planning the party. Over all I did ten bags using these thing at a total cost of under £10. I thought that was great considering how expensive those little bits are in the supermarket.

The runners up

These bits didn’t make the list but I loved them nonetheless.

Books. There are loads of books on £1 deals now. I even found books for the bath! Unfortunately they were bigger than the bags.

Stuffed toys. Cute and loveable but over priced and most gather dust in my house.

Badges. I don’t know what I was thinking babies and sharp points.

Party horns (those plasticy things with the foil roll that extends). I’m not sure I’d have any friends left if I gave their children these, and Chops is scared of them.


Have you thrown a party for littlies? What did you put in your party bags for babies?



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